So im getting one. Does anyone know how well they work? MOSTLY i was looking for what kind of switch you are using. I have one like this, http://www.guitarpartsusa.com/item--Guitar-Switch-3-way-white-knob--PROD112, and i needed to know how to wire it. General thoughts would also be cool.
Try Guitar Gear & Accessories. Might get more real answers and less icy hot over there.
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the signal from the bridge pickup goes through an amp and into the "sustainer" in the neck pickup slot. its basically a big magnet wrapped in wire. pretty much the opposite of a pickup. the signal from the brige pup goes into the sustainer and changes the magnetic field about making the string continue to vibrate. for the harmonic mode, they just flip the current in the coils on the sustainer so it goes out of phase with the string and stimulates a harmonic one octave above. im currently working on making one and its gonna be waaaaaaaay cheaper than buying the whole 300$ kit or whatever it is.
edit: ****. in all my tiredness i thought you sayd how do they work. but from what i've seen in videos and stuff, they work beautifully. man, i need to read more carefully before going into massive paragraphs of information that nobody asked for.
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