Anyone tired of the "lets see you do any better" argument? Example:

Search any random youtube vid with a proffesional concert pianist; there will almost always have a comment that will read something along the lines of " Great but not perfect".
Then there will be a reply to that saying "Let's see you do any better."

I know I can't play piano like a professional concert pianist, but then again, I don't claim to be a professional concert pianist.

Idk, that argument gets on my nerves sometimes.

Comments? Thoughts? Concerns? Pie?
time machine. Inadvertently, I had created a
Appreciate music for what it is; art. Its NOT a sport and theres no such thing as perfection, even when covering another song.
Pie mother****er.
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most young kid guitarists think they are superior to everyone because a) they play guitar which is deemed cooler b) they have learned smoke on the water c) they think they are the best and only important player and soon will be god like d) think music is about showing off rather than a collective social means of entertainment.

glad i grew out of that phase.