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Please Stop

Whats with this awkward silence
why cant we just enjoy
the gift of speach god gave us
and music at the door
when im with you im a victim
PMS i cant endure
said u liked me but then u kissed him
i dnt give a **** anymore

Please stop calling me
i turned off my phone and im home alone
please quit telling me
that your the girl im dreaming of
because your not
ohhh your not
your not the girl for me

took at month but i finally realized
why you hang around all those other guys
your a flirt but u wnt admit
slutty ways killed my spirit
im not gonna sit around
while you **** every guy in town
why cant you just leave me alone
stay away dnt come to my show


pleeasssee just let it go
how did you think i wouldnt kno
please wont you let it go
of course i would kno


this hate for you is building
this love was destroyed
im tired of your excuses
i was played like a toy
and as time moves on
i hope youl hear this song
know that i am not for you
there is nothing you can do