hey everyone
basically, i wanna learn how to shred, i can do riffs and a lot of other metal **** etc but i cant shred for ****, can anyone give me some starting points?
theres 3 main things that i can think of that you need to practice dearly evey day for as long as possible if you want to shred....Speed Picking, Legato, and Sweep Picking......Speed picking is basically alternate picking but really fast (not tremelo) and usually changing notes every pick motion, legato is playing with little or no picking at all, and sweep picking is playing arpeggios using all down strokes then up strokes.....two good videos to get are john petrucci's rock discipline...and michael angelo batio's speed kills....hope this helps a little....

p.s. any paul gilbert or malmsteen lesson would help too

thats all u can do really..practice some scales or something getting faster over time you'll be able to pick fairly fast.
I started shredding by learning some of my favorite solos.
I started off simple with Crazy Train
Then the slightly more complex Mr. Crowley
Around the same time I also leearned Eruption
Then Dream Theater's Under a Glass Moon

and remember:

Always Use A Metronome
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So I heard you liek profiles?
metronome really helps, you could sand your pick in one direction to make it grip the strings a little more, thats what i do for speed picking other than that check the lessons on legato and sweep picking.
There's a thread on here called "my quest to shred" the guy asked basically the same question. Check it out.