Anybody have any experience with these. I have heard great things about them.
i've heard great things about the Vetta head just stay away from the VettaII combo, i originally wanted the Vetta II head, but guitar center only sold the combo...

when i cranked it past three i realised how much the speakers would vibrate!

if you do get the head are you going to get a decent cab with it? i've heard the default line6 cab that you can also get for the vettaII(aswell as spiders) sounds like garbage.
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Vetta's are great.

I've played both the combo and the head version. I probably prefer the combo just because all you have to do is plug it in, dial it up and play; and it has 150watt output compared to 300. The problem with the Vetta II heads is the power output. They're really loud and you can't find many 2x12s to handle 300watts.

Sound wise, they're great. They won't cut through the mix quite as well as a tube amp but the versatility is so much greater than a tube amp. In the recording studio is where this thing shines. The amp models arent' really similar to what they're modeling but, with all the choices you will have no trouble at all dialing up an the tone of your idol.
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