Intro (spoken, with backwards words playing with it)
I fear nothing, but nothing itself
The hope that’s held beneath the surface
Remains Untouched
Hoping for the perfect time
When the world needs it most

Find yourself within the fray

Ground your feet
In all that is real
Bear the scars
Fear no convictions
Hold on…tight

The world to master
Hides itself
Within the folds of humanity
Perfection we seek.

The Hope of one person
Faith in the vision
That all….is real…

The Stories and fables
Seeking the mystery
That hides all that we seek
See through not able

(Long melodic ahh….)

Behind your eyes
Beneath all the lies
The meaning of nothing

Nothing is left of me
And by the end of time
Neither should you
Be here to stand
Grab my hand
Let me take you back
To where it all began…

(Verses. Again)
It’s more than a meaning
It’s God-only fearing
It’s twisting and turning
The lights are...out…

The weakness beginning
The signs were all seeing
An endless beginning
An end for a reason

No more…
Do you believe it?


Go and be gone
How could you
Betray my trust
All lies
If you stay
Fear without…
All is lies…

This I just thrashed together, needs some work and sorry for all the (in Brackets) stuff, I just couldn't find words to put there , anyway, crit away, and leave a link so I can crit your stuff, any crit would be helpfull!!