Which should I try to get? I like the Custom Alpine White.
But in some videos I've seen the Standard sounded better.
Which has better pick ups? Hopefully the Custom.
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As far as I know, they both use the same pickups. I think the custom is slightly more polished though - i.e. setup of the pickups, bindings etc.
Customs will sound slightly better
What amp do you have, what music do you play, what country are you from, and what is your price range?
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i didnt like the custom as much as the standard. its really preference, play both and pick one
i have a custom and a standard and i prefer my standard over the custom. the standard plays better and sounds alot better probably best to try em both out though
Probably Custom. You'll get some Standards that are better than Customs. Just try to pick a good 'un. Look into Ultras as well.
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Studio. All three are structurally the same guitar. You save a MASSIVE amount of money with getting a Studio because they're all the exact same. Sheer cosmetic differences.
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get the standard plain top. its $400, and you get a mohagany body + maple top instead of an alder top. its a way better les paul tone.
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Custom are good for the price. Reliable and many options of tone. One difference in standard vs. custom could be uncovered pickups that some SG's have. The benefit of having covers is that you caouls always take them off try out different sounds that way. The custom also has a middle pickup which is always on. The volume can be turned all the way down which gives the guitar more classic edge SG tone, when in middle or front/back pickup selection.
I feel the SG custom can reproduce many if not all the typical SG sounds, with added other tone, like front middle, back/middle combinations. And nothing says wailing like three humbuckers on all at the same time.
Watch for now is new ones are made in different factories than some made a few years ago, cant totally say what quality differences if any there are. Korea and Chinese, You can tell by the serial numbers if you want to check go to