I'm looking for passive pickups and,
Would a EMG H4A go good in the bridge, and a EMG H4 in the rythmn.
It needs to be able to get dirty and clean up pretty well.
If that's not a good pair, then suggest some please?
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In the realm of passive pickups there are much better choices than EMGs. A more detailed description of what sounds you are looking for would be helpful names of bands guitarist, etc...
Yeah, I would not put an EMG H4 into anything. Possibly anything else with an SD name or Dimarzio would be better, (AND I DO MEAN ANYTHING.)
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Go Bareknuckle or Swineshead; they're much better passives.
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+1 on the bare knuckles

i have a miracle man in my les paul and its pretty damn good
high output

they do a range of pickups to cover any need as well as being hand made on order with custom options also available