Hello bassists!
I'm a guitarist, but I picked up bass too now..
I want to know what do you think about playing bass with a pick.. What do your teachers say? Is it a good technique?
Thank you!
i would say start with fingerstyle though. pick use is alright to metal and such, but get a firm foundation in fingerstyle first.
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It's just another tool for the job.

And as you can get soft picks that almost emulate the sound of fingerstyle and fingerstyle techniques that almost emulate the sound of a pick, the long and short of it is it doesn't really matter how you play, as long as you play. It's not a bad technique, neither is it superior.

It'd be like a mechanic calling his wrench superior to his screwdriver, when really both are tools in the box meant to be used in different ways for different jobs.
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Well, i wouldn't recommend it if you want a "bassy" sound. But, if you want a more SHARP sound you should use a pick
Some people already sayd it, use both. both will be handy later if you start getting really into bass.
There are special sounds you can get from pick, and there are other sounds you can get with finger.
Example "Schism" from tool and another bunch you cant get that sound out of fingers.. at least i cant.
Another Example i think this is the worst song by peppers but its a good example "hump de bump" or something like that, it would be hard to play and get same sound with pick

so its always good to at least know how to play a bit with 2 tech.
i use pick, but i like to play with fingers 2.. alot.
If you need to ask that then you shouldn't play bass.

Seriously, either pick or fingers is fine. It all depends on personal preference and tone you like.
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I mostly play power metal.. and I use pick for 16th notes.. What about your relationship with pick usage?
15 posts in and not one elitist arsehole in sight. theres nothing wrong with using a pick, i used one exclusively for the first 2 years of my playing. i recommend you learn fingerstyle aswell though because eventually you'll come across other styles of playing (eg slap and pop, tapping) that are awkward to use if you are holding a pick
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play the way you like yo play thats all(even if you make an awful sound just have fun)

i use pick most of the time but is very useful tu know the finger style, you know for slaping and tapping and other stuff
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do pick, fingerstyle, slap, tap all that jazz get as much veriety as you can

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i would say start with fingerstyle though. pick use is alright to metal and such, but get a firm foundation in fingerstyle first.

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depends on what you want to play. Metal is good with a pick, blues is better without. You get what I am saying?

Wrong and wrong.

Picks are great for any style of music, fingerstyle is great for any sort of music. There shouldn't be restrictions. EVER.