ok my friend wants to sell me his old amp and here it is


its 15 watts, 2 years old and has been played for 2 years+

he got it for about 300 australian dollers

which for most of you will be about 245 us

how much should i pay for this amp

he is waiting online for a reponse i have told him that its 2 years of usage will have greatly depreciated it

can i get some ideas of what i should pay for it so i can show them to him aswell


well lets say this US it wont be $245 probably around $190?
and why do you want it?
you have got a marshall MG i know they suck but i dont think it will be much of a upgrade how long you been playing
6 years and i dont wanna pay much for it

he's selling it so i might do him a favour and gain another little practice amp to experiment with
If you really want it:

$189.95 List: $259.00 SAVE 26%

It's cheaper than what he's asking for.
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Look mate, its definitely not worth your money, quite frankly i think your friend just wants to scab some quick cash of you.... you're much better off buying a brand new amp like a Roland Cube 30 which retails for about AU$450 depending on where you buy it from.