i was hunting around for a telecaster, and found that the older ones were made in japan. some people seem to think these are superior to the newer non-jap models. anyone help me here? is this bollocks and in fact they are all ****e?

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Well, I got a Japanese Squier Stratocaster and its very good! I played a USA Fender Strat in some shops too and would say that mine was of equal quality. I also played a new Chinese Squier Strat somewhere and I was shocked how bad it was compared to mine!
So yeah, they're very good and kind of rare too since they're not being made anymore.
Even the new Squiers aren't all 'shiite'.

The older Japanese ones are basically a MIJ Fender that says Squier instead of fender on the headstock. Good value players instruments.

There was Korean ones after the japanese aswell which are pretty good too.

Now they're mostly made in China or Indonesia, and as long as you hunt around a bit, you can usually find great ones.

Mine's made in China and it kicks major arse, but I may have just got lucky, I dunno.

Anyway the MIJ Squiers are good guitars, the 83 - 85 ones sell for more than japanese Fenders.. If that indicates the quality to you.
My Squier strat is a Korean one, I like it quite well. Plays great, sounds very good, good quality and I've never had any trouble with it except for fret wear, which is normal especially since I play a lot and play hard. I've played quite a few Japanese and Korean Squiers, most are decent to good, the Chinese ones are usually not as good, but if you look you can find a decent one here and there.

Look at them closely and play them, pick the guitar that plays and sounds good to you, don't worry too much about where it was made. I do tend to avoid Chinese guitars though, the quality in general is just not as good as Korean or Japanese. A friend here has a guitar shop and he broke the truss rod on a chinese guitar, soon as he tried to adjust it, never even made it to 1/4 turn...cheap materials. He's been doing guitar repairs more than 20 years, knows what he's doing, it was just cheap metal and should never have been used for that application. And he oiled it the previous day. I'd go for Korean or Japanese over Chinese guitars every time, the quality just seems better overall. Just be picky, shop around, and you'll find a good one.
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