Ok, I must first apologise for how vague this will be, but its been driving me insane.

Anywho, for those of you who have watched (British) sky/ sky sports you might have seen an advert for a kind of 'past masters' premiership thing (not masters football, this is new this year). On said advert there is a song playing which I have heard many times before but cant for the life of me rember who its by or what its called. I thought it was by the cure but now its seems it may not be (Ive looked through all the tabs and it doesnt seem to be there). Unfortunately I know none of the lyrics, but I was hoping one of you might be able to help me out?

Thank you very much.
i've seen the advert loads but i cant remember what song was in the background, ill let you know if it comes on
i think its 'she sells sanctuary' by the cult
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Quote by john_latchem
i think its 'she sells sanctuary' by the cult

Yes! Thats the one. Thanks a lot man, tthats be bugging me all summer!