Well i pulled out my old "Mega" boss distortion pedal. And actually, despite my doubts, dialled in a really nice sound. However, in the background there is this very distinct hum. Sounds like a G to me, and its constantly in the background (And only gets worse if you turn up the dist/gain). Are there any obvious problems that you can think of and that i could fix? Like a burnt out resistor or something?

So what should i do? Fix it somehow? Try a noise reductor? Sell it to someone? Burn it? Eat it?

Thanks in advance
distortion pedals do that, special with high-gain or high volume.

get a noise gate
Thing is, there is still a noise when there is no gain on at all. Which led me to think that it was a fault with the pedal itself. (And i never noticed it before)

But, seriously...a noise gate might be an idea. Could it also, perhaps, be feedback? I'm not very good at this sort of thing, but my DS2 doesn't do that at high levels of gain, I don't think. I'll check, just to see if what Tweak88 says could be correct.

If you can't figure out a problem, maybe you could get someone to take a look at it?

Edit: ^ Ah. Hmm...
Yeah i think its totally fucked. Shame, because i got a really nice sound out of it....after 4 years of having it!

Oh well, im on a hunt for an overdrive pedal now

Personally, I thought the MD2 had too much gain (of course, I don't play much heavy music ). But if you liked it, maybe you could get another? Or are you after something superior? Anything in particular take your fancy?
Eeeesh i really don't know. I mean, i don't play heavy any more (i occasionally whack out some Deftones or that style, but that's about it) And im really only after an overdrive pedal. Im fairly handy with building effects, so i may just build me an DOD 250 or something. But time is an issue. But its a good excuse to go looking in guitar shops, so im happy
i had an MD-2 as well and it started making weird overtone sounds and more noise when playing, and after only a month of having it, which was really annoying.

Ive heard of some other people having problems with it as well. i think the pedal may have been designed very badly.
TBH, i havent been impressed by any boss pedal. Oh except there delays and the OD-3. I think they are quite nice. But everything else is pretty below par really.

I think EHX is the way to go.
Yeah EHX does rule, That was the only boss pedal ive even bought, i have 3 EHX pedals they are great
Quote by Tweak88
distortion pedals do that, special with high-gain or high volume.

get a noise gate

depending on the pickup selection and style I can put Dist on max on the MT-2 and everything high and still no hum so yeah but BOSS pedals seem to be overated just like Marshall MG's so def get something else, lol I have MT-2 on ebay