I recently recorded this piece. The guitar part isnt hard at all, but its the overal composition that I want yer opinion on. I played guitar and bass myself, and did the drums and orchestrea sounds with a midi keyboard through logic pro 7.3. Tell me what ya think! Dont come telling me that the guitar isnt surprising cos it isnt.


its the second song (dot rock II)

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I'm leaving for school in a minute, so I'll give a full crit later. So far it makes me want to dance dance dance
I quite liked it, sounds like it should be played on a soundtrack for an action film haha
I know you said the guitar is a little obvious and it is-but it suits the rest of the song. My only problem with it is it gets a little repetitive, but i do like it.

return crit?

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Hey the soong was pretty cool. A good dance beat mixed with distorted guitars and strings, nice idea It was mixed very nicely as well good work. Maybe a bit of a sudden ending, tho i dunno how else u cud end it honestly but it worked well so good work keep it up

If you have the time return crit wud be much appreciated cheers