ok so i finaly got my band together but the 2nd guitarist has no fuc king strings. dont say get another guitarist or kick him out or anything like that because i dont want to. hes a good guitarist its just that his parents dont pay for anything hes to young to get a job so he has to wait for birthday money or christmas.. hes getting a new guitar and some more stuff for christmas(strings dist pedal all that sorta crap) but thats ages away.

should i just try to get him to convince his parents to get him some strings or should i just buy the ****ing strings myself?

y dont u and the other bandmembers help him out?

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so like...the guitar didnt come with strings??

thats weird!

guitar strings are cheap anyway, why not buy them if its gonna help

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If he were that good and that serious his parents would spend 5quid on him for strings LOL
thats brutal, i mean he cant come up with 5 bucks? tell him to clean the house or something and have his parents pay him
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for the people saying fivedollers is easy, its not realy that easy for him his parents want him to learn the value of a doller or some **** like that so they only give him money for christmas and birthdays so he saves it...

i think il just buy the strings but only once so he dosnt come to me evrey time

Just buy him the damn strings.

I have a similar problem, I have four guitars, one of which has a high e string, three of which are missing an e string. Every one of my g strings and b strings have been used in place of each other, and one of my acoustics has a electric d string, while one has all electric strings. I have a crap amp, and no pedals at all. I get a horrible tone no matter what I do.

Oh yeah, and I'm in quite a few bands, along with a solo project.

Don't let him not having cash stop him from playing.

Buy him strings.
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