What are some good songs to play in drop C? Nothing too fast, just some fun songs to get cranking.

Thanks in advance.
best to do a search man cause there are tons of threads like this...
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bullet for my valentine stuff, i like a lot of their things and they aren't hard to play nor are they too fast
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Disturbed - Stricken
Alter Bridge - The End Is Here
All Ill Nino stuff
Godsmack - I Stand Alone, Whatever, and Greed
Suicide Messiah by Black Label Society is in Drop C and extremely easy to play.
i will scream as soon as someone says "play some hardcore"
Any straight-edge punk is a friend of mine
breaking benjamin, all there older stuff is in drop C

So Cold
Natural Life

They have one slow song called rain, its beautiful.
Almost any System of a Down song is in drop C.

- Aerials
- Holy Mountains
- Sugar
- Spiders

Plus a hundred more.

Have fun! =)
Cold stuff is usually pretty easy and it's in drop C.
Killswitch Engage. Awesome band, & some of their songs are pretty easy.
Dean From Hell
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Randall RG-50 TC All Tube Combo
Zakk Wylde plays in drop-C, i think so check out some of the newer Ozzy and check out Black label society