its funny, people always tell me i sound like mjk. i guess he is a big influence. thanks.
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Haha, thats rather sweet, i havent really got any crits atall it's very unique. good playing, nice tone.
Love the intro. Very wonderful ambiance. You have a pretty good voice, and you use it well. THe recording has a dark and murky production, but I think that adds to the song, considering its lyrical subject matter. Nice job. \m/
The sustaining string sounds add a great darkness, as does the synthy bass sounds.

The vocals are nice and drawn out.

I don't think that the distorted sound in the chorus is meant to be there, it sounds to me like a myspace error.

It makes it very hard to critique the song.

The higher accordian sounds in the intro adds a nice contemporary element.

Regardless, I like the epic atmosphere, it's very skilled production.

MIDI drums?

Overall, i'd give this a 9/10.

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kind of unique, but I like it. I like your voice and I think it all goes together well. The song sounds like it was thought out and not just some stuff thrown together.
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yeah, i tend to write as i record, and it helps me make sure everything meshes really well.
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I liked it. The dark sort of ambient feel of the intro really started it off nice. Then the chorus comes and it flows toghether perfectly nice job man.
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