I sold mine for £80 on ebay a while back, put it on there mine sold within a day
Cort M800 - £320
Cort MR780FX - £220
i know i could get more on ebay im just trying to be cool to the ug clan
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Im in the UK, Teesside. Im assuming your in belfast?? £60 inc P+P seems fair - ill PM you

EDIT: PM sent to niguitars.com
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Hi, sorry if i have messed you around, but waiting for a reply over the weekend (obviously not your fault) i found a zoom mrs8 and an AMT dist station for cheap on ebay, so my money has been spent!!

I'd trade for my two older guitars. Check my profile if you're interested. Its the Jay Turser and the LTD-AX. I bought both originally for $325 Can. a piece. I'm just looking to upgrade to a better one for my older two.
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