hey what do you guys think, tele or strat? can someone tell me what 1 has that the other doesn't? from the reviews i've read so far, it seems that tele is pretty versatile as well. so, all in all which do you guys think is more worth getting?
they're both very worth getting and you have to make your own opinion so go try them out!
There both very versatile - personally i prefer teles prefer the feel, and i actually think there more versatile also think there far better looking.
ok, they're both at about the same price. so the tele's more worth getting? and i heard that teles with bigsbys sound much better than the standard ones
Teles are brighter and twangier; strats are bitier (excellent adjective).

Just play them both and see which one you like better.

Telecasters destroy strats.

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I used to say tele was just abit better than strats, now im thinkin the other way around, buts thats probably because im still in the honeymoon period with my new strat.

All in all,
different horses for different courses

Although similar, they are both have a different natural feel and tone, try out a strat then its equivilent tele, it will probably come down to personal preference.
I think Strats are a bit more versitile that Tele's, though I like them both. I only have a Strat but a Tele may be ahead in my future. When I had to choose I bought the Strat. There are things a Tele can do that a Strat has trouble with.
If you have to ask the question I would say get a strat. There are more versatile in the pup settings and come with a trem. Although they have a bit different sound I wouldn't consider that an issue on a early purchase. The Strat is more cluttered. I find that fingerpicking is slightly more difficult because the middle pup gets in the way. Also the volume knob gets whacked a lot when strumming. The Tele doesn't have annoying things getting in the way but lacks the pup combos and the trem.

I put a Bigsby on my std Tele and it serves the purpose but I wouldn't say it makes it sound better. In fact I find the bridge with it's little slotted saddles and the string angles to be lacking in quality. If you don't put Locktite on the saddle screws they change, then get cockeyed and rattle.
Yeah they're both versatile, both time-tested great guitars. It really only comes down to personal preference.

Necks are pretty different and the different body shapes like the tele has no contours etc.
Just go play them and swap back and forth a bit and I'm sure you will find which is best for you.

There is no 'better guitar' really it's just about which one works for you. Either way you will own a great guitar.
I'm a fan of Telecasters. They feel great, in my opinion, but if you wanna play harder stuff then you might wanna go with the Strat. It has more bite to it.
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feel-wise, do teles have wider necks? i have small hands

I know this isn't the clear cut answer you want but the necks vary u really have to try them out (on your amp not a £2000 monstrosity in the store)

Its kind of a swings and roundabouts question.
i like both, and you could make an argument for owning both. they'll both do certain things better than the other. it's really up to you, you need to try both head to head...
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Battle to the death! 2 Fenders enter only 1 Fender leaves!

If I was at all handy with image editing I'd photoshop some kind of picture of a tele slitting a strat's 'throat' but I suck so yeah.. Just imagine it..
I absolutely love strats however the tele is an excellent choice but yeah it ll depends... strats have a cool bite and teles have a nice bright chirpy twangy sound. In the end you are still getting a quality fender though lol.
spice it up and get a jaguar
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Battle to the death! 2 Fenders enter only 1 Fender leaves!

If I was at all handy with image editing I'd photoshop some kind of picture of a tele slitting a strat's 'throat' but I suck so yeah.. Just imagine it..

I love both Teles and Strats but I'm never one to pass up a great photoshop opportunity.
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just go get both and close this thread.
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heres a visual for those who dont have very good imaginations.

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I love both Teles and Strats but I'm never one to pass up a great photoshop opportunity.

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i prefer tele's because they fell more meaty and strats are too light for me.

if you can, get a les paul

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Telecasters destroy strats.

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