Ok this is a part of my story.
Iv been playing for quite sometime now.. like almost a year or so..
and i dont know scales.. well i know c major.. and thats all.
i just finished printing a whole lot of scales.
but do i have to memorize them all?
i mean this is alot of scales...
hmm... this is kind of confusing. theres no help in focking portuguese..
hmm so there arent really alot of scales.. i mean if you know the fretboard and know how the major and minor works then you know all the majors and minors right? taking of those diminshed and augmented.
there arent that many really, major and minor are the main ones pentatonic if you liek but just those shapes down and then you can move em all over the place
You know the C major right? Well D major is the same shape only you start 2 frets up on D etc.

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If you know C major you can transpose it to any key just by starting on a different root note. So technically if you know C major you don't know just 1 scale, you know 15.

Learn the minor scale too, then their are some small variations like harmonic minor and melodic minor.

and like 0 n3gativ3 said, there's diminished and augmented. That's just interval variations.
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well learning alone is kind of hard. especialy if english is not your basic language..
but you gotta do what you gotta do right?
im kind of sick of playing alot of songs and knowing nothing at all.
Anyway im starting right away .. see ya guys later
Every scale is a combination or change of the C major scale. The reason people love C major is because it's spelled C D E F G A B. No sharps, no flats. When a note becomes sharp or flat (for example, C minor, which the E becomes Eb), you can immediately see what happened. Then, instead of memorizing the note, you can say 'oh, the third note of that scale is one fret down'. Learn all the patterns of rules of C scales, and then move up or down x amount of frets, depending on the note.
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yeah i was complicating too much.i understand now.
btw can i ask what are paterns?
is it like diffirent scales put togueter?
learn all the fingerings for the modes, harmonic minor, melodic minor, pentatonics, whole tone scale. Most of all learn your theory.