Music: Listening, Liking and Belonging

Today’s music scene is split into small groups of people who enjoy and feel the same about that style of music for example, a stereotypical Emo is depressed at life, self harms, listens to emotional music, has a long fringe straitened over one side of there face, dyed black hair. They will dress like this because of the music they listen to which is emotional rock music about life therefore the name Emo originated. There is a ironic factor about these styles or movements and that is the bands that seem to influence it don’t actually follow it themselves. Another example would be Mozart or Beethoven their music was classed as the most beautiful music ever written but neither of them had easy lives.

How music changed you?

If you listen to Hip Hop the stereotypical listener will wear baggy trousers or jeans with a belt holding them up below there hips to show there underwear and baggy shirts, this is because families couldn’t afford to by clothes for the everyone so they would buy clothes for the oldest son or daughter then when those clothes got too small they would be past down to the younger child and therefore it being too big. However not all music puts people into styles because of the new technology being introduced therefore new and interesting sounds being made.

How Music changed politics.

The main style of political music is Punk or anti-establishment rock music. Punk emerged around the mid 1970’s with bands such as The Ramones, The Clash and The Sex Pistols. These bands wrote songs about being unemployed, social and political issues.

“God save the queen
She ain't no human being
There is no future
In England's dreaming”

God Save the Queen by The Sex Pistols

Punk music caused a lot of protests and riots because of the ability to send awareness of what is happening but by putting it in songs for people to hear. There is a lot of punk music still around and still singing about politics. Bands like Rise Against and Anti-Flag however they write about different political issues. Anti-Flag write about the war on terror in Iraq while Rise Against write more about animal cruelty and disrespect to others.

“One trillion dollars, could buy a lot of bling.
One trillion dollars, could buy most anything.
One trillion dollars, buying bullets, buying guns,
One trillion dollars, in the hands of killers, Thugs”

One Trillion Dollars by Anti-Flag
Can the music industry control how you look?

The music industry has huge control over which bands music can go on sale. For it to be put into music shops like HMV the band have to be signed to a record label like NME or Sony. If these labels wouldn’t release metal into shops for example there would be a lot less people who know about that style of music and the majority of the world would listen to music that is either local or in the charts.

Does music create arguments?

There are a lot of arguments about music all over the world some worse than other places. For example there are arguments between Emo and Goth, Rap and Rock, Punk and Prog and Death metal and Black metal.