I just purchased a PRS Soapbar SE II and an Epi Valve Junior, what does everyone reckon to that combo? It came to £360 which I think is a bargain and I can't wait to get it also this is my first new electric guitar as atm I play a tired 8yr old Epi LP100 which will be getting modded in the future
Good one right there.

A good budget-friendly setup with good tonal possibilities.

All you need now is an OD stompbox and an EQ pedal.
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No experience with the VJ but good choice on the PRS SE. They're really great guitars for the price.
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Cool thanks for the quick replies, I had been considering a Boss ME50 (a friend has one and i really like it) or do you reckon i'd be better off with just the OD Stomp and the EQ pedal?
NO! not the me-50. get a maxon tubescreamer, or if you adventurous build your own (loads of fun!!) as for the eq, stay away from boss. try the mxr
Go with the OD and EQ pedal. The ME50 has tons of different effects, but it's just a cheap digital processor. Individual pedals sound a lot better and are much more versatile than those digital processors.
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Oh ok, i'll give the ME50 a miss then, thanks for the advice guys!

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