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8 89%
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Voters: 9.
Hey i was just wondering how many of you actually know the cause behind it. Now a worth while DVD to watch is Fahrenheit 9/11, it explains it all. There were never any bio wepons or anything, there may have been some terrorists there but invading Iraq has probobally made 1000's more. Now i know they got rid of Sadam but that was ages ago, why are they still there, no Iraqies want them there. Its all to do with money and that oil pipeline.
Now before anyone says "Your a bit late" " No **** " or something like that, dont bother i know i just decided to make a thread seeing as though i couldnt find any other for people to disscuss it.
Does anyone here family members in Iraq, if so what does your family member think.
Also do you think we should pull out or stay longer?
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Pfft. That film sucks cos it dosn't have have 2 points of view and is just fodder for dumb-bush-bashers whi don't have a clue. But yeah.The truth is out there somwhere and it's probably covered in oil.
We seem to be doing nothing but harm with greedy motives. In Fahrenheit 9/11 that mental soldier really scared me, up til then I was all "Support the troops who shouldn't be there".

I don't reckon all soldiers over there are that "evil" (for want of a better word)- y'know, ones who through poverty have the choice of soldier/criminal.

But still- shooting people and blowing up videos. Does that constitute a "hero"?

EDIT: "Videos"? I meant villages
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Politics isn't my thing, but I support our brothers, sisters, and fathers that are over there serving.

We few, we happy few, we BAND OF BROTHERS;

for he today that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother!
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