Real Name: Kyrl (pronounced Curl)
Age: 14
Location: Asturias, Spain

Favourite Bands: Well, I don’t really listen to that many bands anymore, everything I listen to seems to be individual musicians but they have a band behind them so: Karrin Allyson, Rene Marie, Paul Desmond, Wes Montgomery, Coltrane, John Fahey, John Williams, Paco De Lucia, Tomatito, Michel Camilo, Paco Peña, Paquito De Riviera… yeah along those lines

And band we should listen to is: I dunno, I would say that every person has a band they always listen to and need to listen to everyday. It’s different for each person and I’m not going to force my taste upon anyone.

Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): Not many of the people that I listen to write lyrics so I’m kind of stumped on this one. I don’t know any. =/

Favourite poet/poem (published writer): Seamus Heaney and Death of a Naturalist any Bukowski, T.S. Elliot’s Hysteria, and many more I can’t think of at the moment.

If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: None, I like my particular ****tyness.

Why Do You Write: Well, originally, when I moved back from South Africa to Spain, I got scared ****less, I knew that if I didn’t do anything my English would deteriorate and I would be talking like some uneducated oaf. Sooo I took out the pen and pad and started writing short stories. After that I was attracted to poetry and here ya have me.

Anything special you do while you write: Well, I have written everywhere, from on the computer, to on a boulder on a beach, to a super-market and even in an art gallery blatantly making it clear that I was writing about people…man that was an excellent holiday.

Favourite technique/style: I dunno, I don’t think I really have a style yet, but I really like using free verse, inside rhymes, I don’t like to use huge overdone vocabulary or extremely complicated metaphors. The most important though is that I try that my writing doesn’t sound pompous, which it has, to often.

Favourite Writer on UG: This is in no particular order, just as names come to the brain, Steve(his piece Gehhena), Circular.Parade I have loved all of his stuff so far. Chantal writes some good things, Carmel err, I really like Sam and Andy, ****, I like most peoples writing here. Who else? Well, I like Nick’s stuff, oh Jamie and Bass of course, Something_Vague and Stellar_Legs, especially the second, I love some of the comparisons he can pull off. Oh and of course, we have sound and his piece perilous machine. That was ace.

Most Helpful Critter (thus known as critic): Well, this one is easy. Steve, Carmel and Bass helped me a lot whilst I was banned. Sam is great and never misses my pieces just like Andy, they are always really helpful. Jamie, is probably the best here at telling me something is an absolute heap of ****e and finding ways to sort it out. Thanks to all of you.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason behind It:
Well, it isn’t my latest posted, but it’s the latest thing I have written. It was inspired by a dream, I won’t go into to much detail because that will ruin the poem, but it’s not as obvious as you would think. here

Tips for Newer Writers:
Grow a tough skin. You are going to get put down so many times you have to learn to accept criticism and absorb anything good you can get out of it. Also, always finish what you start. I hate to see when a piece is labelled unfinished. One thing is revising a piece, which is already finished, and another thing is leaving a piece unfinished.

Any Final Comments or Thoughts: Yeah, hopefully I will be “up to the standard” of this with my writing. If not:

^ that should suffice.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
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Kyrl, if you'd like PM me a piece I'll add it to the thread.
Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.
Congrats . I wish I could've written the kind of things you write when I was 14 (last year).
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Congratulations Kyrl. You're a solid, prolific, writer. But if your writing ever approaches the level of your quality as a human being, you'll be truly awesome.
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Grats sir.

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mad kudos. the fact that you can write as you do at the age of 14 is super duper. respect.
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