hey guys just got the boss ds 1 pedal, just wondering if you guys know any good settings for it, i been messing around with it and good some nice stuff outta it, which is half the fun, but can anyone give me some nice settings so i dont gotta mess around with it every time i play a new song, ps i dont have the manual with all the setting stuff in it, i got it off my friend.
personally mu fav is tone 1/4th n distrtion all the way=)
or tryi 3/4ths tone n 2/4 dirstortion
my boss ds 1 is good has better distortion then my amp
i dont have the adpater tho so if u just have the batterys dont keep the input in cuz it will drain the battery
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i usually keep mine with the tone at 9 oclock, and the distortion at 4 or 430, to get a nice solid drive sound. i dont use it as my main distortion, thats what my muff is for, but i use the ds1 on that setting for a little bit lighter sound

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