I didn't realize until now that I have been bending wrong, for example I never used more than 1 finger for 1 string bend, as you're always supposed to use 2 or more, right? Well lets say I'm bending frets seven from strings g and b, same time. So I use my two fingers on seventh frets, but do I need support both of the bend with 1 finger each or how? Like in 4 fingers total used for the bends. Sounds pretty stupid I know but for some reason I was wondering this.
Normally, for a one string bend, i fret with my third finger and support with the two previous. But for double bends i use my second and third on respective strings. However it depends how strong your hand is.
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More fingers = more control

Go with what's comfortable. Grab those strings and take control of the situation. If you have to use all of your fingers and stick out your tongue, then so be it.