I'd like to get a better tone on my JCM 800 2205. I want more gain actually for a better thrash type of tone. My question was, what overdrive will help me?

Also, I can get a MXR 10 band Equalizer for cheap now, will that do any significant good to my tone?
People, any more suggestions? My JCM 800 can go up quite cranked, but I want more gain for a better metal distortion. I got the MXR EQ already but what pedal will help me for more gain and better thrash type tones?
metal muff by electro-harmonix, killer tone for thrash or any kind of metal, i got one and i was blown away at how good it sounded.
I try to boost it with a modded SD-1. Marshall's are already mid heavy, so you don't want to boost it with say a tubescreamer as it will become too nasal - hence why modded SD-1's are huge with the JCM800 crowd.
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