ive had this us fender strat for about 6 years or so now, and its starting this deadnote on the 12th fret of the b string and the high e is wavering horribly. I know its not the action ive went over that a thousand times. Im just checking if its something i missed or if my neck is just warped
The high e problem could be a bad nut slot.

The dead note... What condition is that fret in? You could try to adjust the saddle of the b string slightly up so it is just a tad higher.
as far as the b string saddle is concerned i raised that to hell but nothing. i havent checked the nut slot on the e though
I would guess either your 13th fret is high at that spot, or your 12th fret has some wear causing it to be uneven.
i fear i need a new neck

Nope, not likely.

You'll probably need the frets resurfaced, if it has serious grooves in them, or replaced entirely if they're that far gone. In 6 years, I'd almost bet you have grooves in the frets, and it's buzzing on the next fret up because the one you're playing is too deep. It's not a difficult job, but tedious because after re-leveling the frets they have to be crowned, which means filing a round top back on them. Fret files are expensive, unless you have at least a half dozen guitars to work on, I'd say take it to a competent shop and pay them around $30-40 to resurface the frets. Don't try it yourself unless you KNOW what you're doing and have the patience and attention to detail to get it right.

Hehe...my first fret leveling job I didn't know it was necessary to re-crown them also, I just filed them down and played the thing for several years with flat topped frets...Now I know better I'm happy to say...

If you have a bunch of guitars and want to do your own maintenance, fret files are not cheap, but a bit of Googling and you can find tons of good information and instructions online.
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