yay my bassist friend just loaned me hes EHX Big Muff pi NYC for a few days!
can anyone pull down some settings on it for like cool solos frusciante style stuff?
and no, its not in the settings thread

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Go put some RHCP on your CD player, plug it in and tweak.
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I've got a Sovtek so I can't help. I played an NYC a while back, but forget the config...if it's like the Sovtek, try Sustain at max, tone at like 1:30 2:00, and level to your liking...no less than noon however.
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i'm afraid it won't really help much since i've heard that it sounds very different on SS and tube amps. i guess your ibanez is SS (probably something like mine) so it won't really sound like frusciante. but that shouldn't really stop you from tweaking it a bit, start with everything at 12 o'clock, and try to play with sustain and tone (volume doesn't really matter since you're not gonna push any tubes). maybe with more bass and less treble it'll sound smoother. don't forget to mess with your amp's EQ to... good luck...
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so... my settings are:

level-12 o'clock
tone- 1 o'clock
sustain- 4 o'clock

with DS-2 it's perfect... without it's also good.... but an amp should be good to achieve just a 20% of Frusciante's sound I don't have a good amp yet so my sound isn't as good... but when I play on a good tube amp with those settings it's great
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volume- 12
tone - 11 to 1
sustain - 11
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How I would recommend it:
Set all knobs at 12 o' clock. First adjust volume so that it's on the level that you want. Basically the same level as your amp. Then I would adjust the tone control so you get the right amount of attack. Last set the sustain control to the amount of gain you want. Then you might have to do some minor tweakings (increasing/ decreasing volume depending on sustain setting and so on). It's not that hard anyway.
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A thing i have learnt with my muff, is that the slightest turn of any of the knobs changes the sound completely. There are almost "Notches" where it just seems leap out.

But im not really happy with showing everyone my settings for the muff. I don't know why really, i guess im just really over protective of just nicking them, specially as i spent a long time tweaking it.