Hey all. I finally went to the tattoo shop and made an appointment for Nov. 10 to get my Jimi Hendrix tattoo. I'm so f*cking psyched! The tattoo will be the cover from Axis: Bold As Love (only Jimi though) on my left arm, from shoulder to elbow.

The guy doing it is pretty famous in the industry and is frequently in magazines and books. If all goes well, my picture will end up in one of them.

I'm going to post the pics in this thread after it's done (might be a couple sessions, though). Post your tattoo pics if you have any or just post any cool ones you've seen on the net.
sounds cool. as much as i think jimi was important, i still dont think id want him tattooed on ME, lol.
sweet man. ive been wanting to get a tattoo for a while but i cant think of what i want. im thinking of something to do with music or guitar but nothing has really come to mind yet.
Yeah, I've been getting some mixed reactions from people (parents arent thrilled). But oh well. I've been thinking it over for a long time and there's nothing I'd rather have inked on me.

thats pretty cool
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The only 'music-related' thing I plan on getting a tattoo for is the Phish logo, and possibly a picture of Otis Redding. I would maybe stretch out for Jimeh, but nobody else really.
i would have tons of tattoos if they werent permanent... i wish they lasted like a year or two, that would be so sick.

*i might consider a black light one

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I'm getting my first tattoo when I get to england. Not music related though unless you stretch it really far and say that the 'Know thine enemy' was from RATM.. Which it isn't..

But I'm either getting a guitar player themed sleeve or a big collage of guitarists on my back around a Telecaster.

Similarly though my girlfriend is painting me a pop-art kinda thing of Buddy guy, Roy Buchanan, Robert Cray, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker, Syd Barrett, David Gilmour and John Mayer.

Here's some done so far..

I have been thinking for the past year to get Jim Morrison's grave writing on my arm, ever since I went to visit his grave 1,5 years ago. it says KATA TON ΔAIMONA EYTOY
Which apparently means something along the lines of 'Truthful to his soul' or something. his father wrote it, he was a professor in ancient languages or something, so it's probably truthful.
I'm gonna go to France to visit his grave sometime next year! Apparently it's like one of the biggest tourist attractions in France.

And yeah it's meant to mean 'True to his soul'.. His dad was a navy admiral though, I've never heard him being a professor of anything.