Does anyone else HATE this show as much as I do? I find their humour to be incredibly forced.
No, it's not just my sense of humour. I love to hear a good ol' dick and fart joke.

Just wondering!
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I don't care too much for the show either. Some of their skits are ok but overall the show just bores me.
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i loved their 95-98 stuff out TV used to get it.some of the stuff there was gold!but i dont know about now....they stopped showing it anymore P=
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Eh, it has its moments, but overall, it sucks. SNL is much better. Especially the Will Ferrel era.
I've never met anyone else that likes all era of both madtv ans SNL, I can watch any of them and be amused.
i like mad tv

their skits with the claymation and the drawings just make me hate them a bit though
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Mad Tv is HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! Worst show in the history of bad shows
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i mean no offense to buttholes and poop or anything

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I like some of MadTV's older stuff, but I've long since stopped watching. I don't even really like SNL anymore. Most skit shows (indeed, most comedies), have stopped being subtle in any way, and merely throw their jokes at you in the hope that you'll laugh.
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i honsetly hate madtv the first few i watched were alright and then its like same old same old
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It pleases me to see it is generally hated.

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The humor really sucks... It's annoying to watch the 6th graders in my school jump around saying how funny it is.
its ok, they have some good skits and charectors, haven't watched it in the last 4 years though im sure its quality has gone downhill.
they got some ait skits, but the rest is plain boring, or like not rlly funny, like this one time i was watching these 2 guys makeing out after every touchdown, i was like i don't get it how is this funny. sometimes the asian guy makes me laugh cuz he's like so wild but ya thas about it. i prefer snl for comedy sketches, or chapelle show, i dono any others except stuff on tonight shows
I like the "Uh oh hot dog" ones, and anything with Michael McDonald, Mo Collins, or Nicole Sullivan. Other than that it's just ehhhh...
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I don't watch it much, but if it means anything, I prefer SNL.
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