Hey. I'm looking to start an acoustic/piano band with my friend and I am wanting to buy an electro acoustic for this, as when we play gigs i dont think a normal acoustic would be loud enough to compete with a piano.

What electro-acoustics would you reccomend? I got about £300 GBP and I live in the UK.

I play stuff like Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly. and Damien Rice, which is fingerpicking and also strumming.
My guitarist has a nice Takamine that cost just under £300 and is great for fingerpicking.

To be honest, though, in general I find that electro-acoustics in this price range are a bit shifty. They skimp on the woods in order to keep the cost down and get the electronics in there. I'd rather buy a nice full acoustic and fit an aftermarket pickup to it. It's what I'm planning on doing with my Yamaha Fg730 (lovely guitar, by the way... ahem).
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I love my Takamine it's my baby... EG560C in blue sunburst.... think I picked it up for just under £300. I've had it for years and I'll never change... I do Damien Rice / Stephen Fretwell type stuff with that and it sounds spot on.

There's one of these on ebay at the minute in red (with case) at about £30 with a couple of days to go I noticed before while I was looking for a few bargains you might wanna check that out.
what are Tanglewood acoustics like and what are the preamps like on them?

I really like the sound of that tanglewood i posted above !
The best value acoustic in the UK is the Fender DG 22 exotic wood series. I would buy one if my wife would let me and given that I build and sell acoustics that start at 1,000...

They are all solid wood construction including the back and sides. The nato sounds similar to mahogany, bubinga is similar to rosewood, and "asian ebony" sounds similar to harder rosewoods like cocobolo or brazilian rosewood. They cost about 325 quid and are fantastic guitars. Between the 3 styles they can cover a wide range of music. I'm sure you could find one that is right for you.
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