Hopefully I'm not the only person here who likes the band. For those who've never heard of them, they are a British band from the 60's and 70's who are still touring. They sound a lot like the Moody Blues. They never made it big in the UK or the USA, with most of their success being in Germany where they still sell-out venues.

There are quite a few videos on YouTube. Discuss.
My mum has always been quite a big fan. Seem to remember 'Once again' being played fairly often over a Sunday roast.
I don't mind them. Not a band I constantly long to listen to, but also not something I mind being put on in the background.
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These guys are freaking awesome!! I love African, Hymn, Love on the Line, Poor Man's Moody Blues! So under-rated though.
My whole family lives in the area they came from, Saddleworth. Shame my dad never saw them (at least, I don't think). I'll ask him and my uncles tomorrow...

They're an awesome band though. I only have Once Again on my iPod though. I'll have to delve deeper, what album next?

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