Hey UG!

I'm going to buy a pedal i the near future that will simulate an acoustic sound. What's the best pedal for that? Price doesn't matter very much.
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Oh that "Fishman Aura Acoustic Imaging Blender" looks really nice too. Thanks!
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Neither of those do what you want. Those are pedals you run an acoustic fitted with a pup through, and it enhances them. The first one is one that you run the guitar through to replace a mic, it's a pre-amp for an acoustic guitar.

The only acoustic SIMULATOR I know of is the Boss one...
The Boss AC-3 is pretty good
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To be honest, I find that all acoustic simulators I've ever heard are pretty terrible. Instead of an acoustic sound, you get a nice clean electric tone. If you've got $300 to spend on a pedal, I'd advise you just get an acoustic.
Can't you just slap a bit of chorus/reverb/delay echo on your sound and fiddle with the EQ? As cokeisbetter said, acoustic sim's just give you a nice tone, which isn't hard to get through other means