ok so on my ibanez strat the input jack on the guitar out of nowhere got all messed up.

it all moves around on the inside, and the wire wont stay in.

if i tape the wire in or just wrap it around the stub that holds the strap it stays in fine, for about 5 minutes.

anyone know what im talkin about who knows what to do??
maybe you moved it too hard while taking of the cord, take of the input jack and tight it up and then put it back again
you need to resauder the wire onto the input jack, get a new input jack and just resauder the wire
Resauder? Re-solder.
Remove the screws for the jacks beauty ring, then lift the whole part out of the guitar. Check if wires are broke off or not, and re-solder as necessary. Tighten the jack to the beauty plate, then reinstall.