Well, I'm about to buy Fender Mustang. There's only one problem - there are no Mustangs in my crappy country (Poland), so I need to import one from US. I'm wondering is it better to buy on eBay, or maybe in some kind of music shop?
And about shipping - is it safe to use a ship? I mean could these all humidity changes n' stuff do something to wood? (If I use an airplane shipping they'll probably break something in unloading plane, I dont want to risk it)

And to all Europeans - Is there a place in Europe where I could buy Mustang?

Sorry for probably wrong spelling.
¡ǝɹnʇɐuƃıs sı sıɥʇ
Do not buy anything from the States, or anything that has to cross over an ocean. Shipping from the USA to Europe is mad pricey, not worth it. Search around Europe on on line shops and eBay.
I think if u go to GuitarAmpKeyboard.co.uk, they might have some Mustangs. and i think, but idk w/ GAK, u might be able to return it for another if its damaged. Mustangs seem awesome, i wanna try one out asap.

EDIT: GAK has em. 579 pounds. check there shipping policy. idk if they ship to Poland tho.
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Yeah overseas shipping gets pricey.

As for the ship vs. plane thing.. To get it moved by ship will take like a month, maybe 2 or even longer.. Getting it shipped by air will take maybe 2 weeks?..

I'd much rather have my guitar on a plane, getting moved quickly than have it laying around for twice as long. It will have more chance of getting lost or broken on a ship than it would on a plane. As long as it's packaged well it won't get broken by air.

And as for humidity and crap it's really a moot point, nothing a setup won't fix, it's not going to explode or something just from humidity.
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Thanks! Found what I was searching for in Europe!
¡ǝɹnʇɐuƃıs sı sıɥʇ