My parents have recently given me their garage to practice in, we got all the instruments sorted and now we are looking at buying recording equipment but have no idea what we need to buy. Does anybody know what we'd need and a rough estimate of the cost, help much appreciated.
I've heard some pretty damn good recordings just using something like Audacity or Garageband and a decent mic (sm57 ftw :P). This is of course assuming you have a computer?
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I thought it said garbage. I was wondering why that would be a good place to practise.

Can you not just use a computer?

The most BASIC way (Which will obviously get pretty rubbish acoustics) is just put a microphone infront of your band and record using a computer or mp3 player etc.
weve used garage band, im on about actual mixing desks an things like that. we got about £1000 to spend