I have a maya 70's strat , its really a high quality instrument and (i was told the gibson copies were as good as the ibanez lawsuit models of the 70's)
the problem is i cant seem to find any informations about the company, all i know its japanese and was based in kobey and it vanished after the 90's earthquake

anybody know what this piece of wood worth ?
Hmmm, the good copycat firm I know of were called El Maya, not just Maya... My girlfriend's family has a Tele copy of theirs, and besides the need for a refret, it's pretty good, although there is a little bit of an issue with sloppy assembly.

Yours does have the same font, though, so I guess it IS an El Maya... Do you know what might have happened to the "El"-part?

Also, it's Kobe, not Kobey.

Edit: I read somewhere that El Maya was the name for the good guitars from the factory, and that the plain, El-less Maya was for the lower range. But I can't quite make sense of it, since the assembly on the aforementioned Tele (which is supposed to be of the good line) is pretty crazy- it has a wonky neck pocket, the bridge is out of alignment and the tuners look pretty cheap. However, it feels really good.
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