I have my own lovely 12 string guitar, and want to start playing some of John Butler's songs.
Although they seem impossible, I can't make good bends etc on my 12 string, this would be because he uses a lighter gauge right? If so, please advice me what gauge to get.


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Edit: If you don't know John Butler, here are 2 of his songs:
Seeing angels
Well most people use extra light or light gauge strings on 12 string guitars. I don't know what gauge John Butler uses, but I'd say he probably uses lights. If you are using extra lights and still can't do the bends... you just need to practice
I guess I'm using a normal set or even bigger now, It's damn hard to play.
I was planning on getting a new set of strings this week, although my local guitarshop doesn't has them in store atm >_>.

How are the gauges called for 12 string guitar strings? same as electric like 0.9 (my favorite )
or do they have to be confusing and make sure to name everything different?
The gauges are the labeled the same as for any other string, from smallest to largest diameter usually shortened to just the smallest diameter.
This site says John Butler uses "D’Addarios—.010–.047 set for 12-strings, heavies for six-strings, and custom set for Carson Crickmore"
Looks like he uses the same gauge strings as I do on my 12.
^-- 0.010-0.047 is about standard for light gauge 12 string acoustic strings. so yeah, he uses lights.

and to the thread starter... "normal" is basically lights for a 12 string.