I just finished my first build, a basic strat. and after playing it for a few minutes the middle and neck pickups quit working. when i tap on the middle tone knob i get some static and if i go Bruce Lee on it, and whack it with a karate chop, the pickups work sometimes.

I know all of my soldering connection where good, I checked them with an ohm meter. all I can figure is either the five way switch is bad, I burned one of the pots when soldering. or i got the wrong capacitor. the guy at radio shack said it was the right one but i am suspicious of it because the package has a combination p-u like letter after the 0.047.

has anyone ever had this problem before?
my advice would be to first check that nothing is loose. then try to replace the switch and pots and caps.
The capacitor definitely wouldn't cause a problem like that. Maybe you should take out the switch and check it for continuity? When you tap on a knob,and you hear static it usually means that the pot is crap.
The p/u character is "pico" and means the capacitor is .047 picofarads.

Check your switch. Also, could it be that your pickups are wired wrong? As in, a strand broke? If they both cut in and out simultaneously, then it's probably the switch or the pot they both connect to.

When it doubt, spend $10 and replace all of it Whenever I get a used guitar, I replace everything. Looks neater, don't have to worry about it getting scratchy, etc. But if you just did everything, then I'd focus on the 5way switch.

But like the guy said, if tapping on a pot changes it, then switch out that pot. The brushes maybe aren't working or something, hwo knows? But pots are cheap.
yeah, it's 0.047 microfarads, which is fine, and it sounds like one of the connections is bad, maybe a short somewhere?
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