Can someone post a pic of how close their action should be?

I think that my strings might be too high and slowing me down and lot allowing me to fret all strings.

Thanks for the help
Post your pic, and we will tell you. Actions vary on appropriate height depending on the guitar and what you want to play.
only you can decide what action YOU should have...
we are all individuals with different taste...
Do you play fingerstyle? Do you do a lot strumming? Is that strumming very, err, forceful/powerful? If you're doing some "heavy" strumming a higher action is common to reduce buzzing. Fingerstyle or other softer styles can generally get away with a lower action.
I will post a pic tonight- I am at school.

I do fingerstyle and a bit of strumming- but not too heavy.
Okay. I play fingerstyle on a Seagull folk. I don't have a very good measure so I'm not entirely sure but ... my high e (at the 12th fret) is between 3/32-4/32 of an inch. The low e (again, at the 12th fret) is between 4/32-5/32 of an inch. I find that very comfortable. Barring is pretty easy. I have an old Yamaha that's got about