Go ahead and take a seat at the table
Your vampire friends are waiting with a bottle of claret
Go ahead and have something to eat at the table
This abundance or an affluence, it runs right into the deep
The room smells of blood and calogne
There's a corpse in the corner who's dining alone
Making a solicitation for more vital in his bones

The salad of brains is probably good, maybe it is
I don't fancy the flavor myself, but I'm just a fly

I'm just a fly, I'm just a fly
I feast on waste
The finest paste
I feast on waste
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
Not my cup o' tea but not bad. The only thing besides the fact that it didn't flow very well in my head is the double use of table. It just ruined the flow even more.

I do however really like the closing. I wish it was a chorus, and there was more to your piece with those 4 lines being repeated as a chorus in the middle.

Sorry for the brevity, I just don't see much to crit.

short C4C? (its in the sig)

peace and coconuts,

Well it really depends on your preferred style
I don't write things with a direct flow, that's too plain for me. Anybody can write a simple A to B to C song. It takes an artist to completely break down the walls of structure in the writing world only to rebuild them to suit his liking.
The double use of table was on purpose as well, pre-planned.
But thank you for your thoughts.
Nice banana, Andy Warhol.
I liked it for its originality but at the start I was just thinking "WTF?" The fly saved it for me
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