Hey everyone,

This is my first post in the forums, and I was hoping I can get help for narrowing down my search for an acoustic/electric hybrid.

I got my acoustic guitar (Dreadnought body) around a year ago, and been playing it ever since. The reason I'm looking to buy a new one now is because I feel comfortable to say that guitar is something I'll always stay interested in. Also, I feel like my current guitar isn't cutting it, and making it difficult to progress.

Lately, I've been doing some research to see what I should be looking for. The tone that the guitar gives, and how comfortable it feels is much more important than looks for me. I'm looking around the range of $400 - $800. My influences are Buddy Guy, Clapton, and Mayer, so Blues/rock are style I'd like to go into. I heard smaller bodies are better for that type of style? I consider my hands to be pretty small, so I'm trying to avoid anything with wide necks. The action on my guitar is very high, so something that's low is another thing I'm looking at. Does anyone know what type of wood I should be leaning towards for blues/rock?

I'm not sure if there's anything else I should be checking out. If I did miss something, please let me know. If anyone can recommend some guitars I should check out, I'd really appreciate that as it would narrow my search.

Thanks for taking the long read!
I went with a Yamaha CPX 700.

How comfortable it was to play with, and its 'booming' tone sold me on it.