OK look. My band has two guitarists, a drummer, and a bassist. We're looking for a lead vocalist (we're all 12 and 13, so you can imagine how hard it is to find other people whose voices have broken) and possibly a third guitarist. We were at practice one day and I thought a third guitar could give us the unique sound we wanted. The arrangement I had in mind was a lead guitar and two rhythms, who would play power chords in different octaves. Everybody agreed it would be a pretty cool thing to attempt, but the other guitarist isn't quite as fond of the idea as we are. But I don't really like the idea of six members (a guitarist/screaming vocalist wouldn't work very well either). So I just want some tips for writing with three guitars, other formations of the guitars/bass, etc. that I could talk about with th band. It would be much appreciated.
well man iron maiden has 3 guitarist now so just look at the stuff they do
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I think Hawthorne Heights does as well...but yeah, take a look at The Eagles and you'll be able to see how useful it can be if you know what you're doing (ex. Hotel California).
you could get someone to play a secondary rhythm guitar for some songs, and have them play some other precussion besides drums or keyboards for other songs to add a different effect, depending on what style of music you play
Personally, I think that having 3 guitarists clouds the sound. In my opinion, even to have 2 guitarists needs more interesting arrangements than most 2-guitar bands have: I don't think many bands really use 2 guitarists well/to their potential. By all means try having 3 guitarists, but it could easily just sound like a mess.
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Lynyrd Skynyrd has 3.
Gypsy Kings have like 8 hahaha
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I'm not aiming for something like Broken Social Scene here, but we'd rather have everyone play one instrument, for simplicity (weird, I know). And to james4, we play metalcore/hardcore like From Autumn to Ashes, Underoath, early Atreyu, etc.
bad religion have 3 and it does have a lot of benefits. Extra depth of sound and also it adds 3 peoples playing styles which would alow better flexibility at times - however it can be a drawback
2 basses... we thought about that. But nobody in this area can play bass for **** except our bassist, me, and the other guitarist so that's impossible for us.
Boston has several guitar parts in all of their songs. One usually plays lead, one rhythm, and one acoustic. The acoustic just plays in unison or harmony with the rhythm, adding depth.
yeah in order to have 3 guitarists make sense, you need to have 3 really good guitarists. i dont want to say it's not worth a try, but you may just want to go with 2. i guess if you guys jam to skynyrd at practice then 3 makes sense. if thats a little too difficult, go with 2.
Playing power chords in two octaves would probable sound quite lame, although power chords in general can be quite lame... Try getting into inversions and stuff instead, if one guy plays the root and five (a powerchord), the second guy could play the third and octave, or any of the nice colorations you could put into a chord but would sound bad on a single guitar. I would love to write guitar parts for three guitarists, but seriously if your rhythm is just power chords then there's absolutely no need for two rhythm players. The extra guy will just be expensive.
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Our band talked about adding a third guitarist...but I'm firmly against the idea. I think 3 is way too many, considering a lot of the 2nd guitarist's parts right now are barely even needed. Fortunately we haven't really heard much from the other guitarist. Plus, if we did add another guitarist, that's 6 people in the band (too many for me).
Well, Underoath has 6 people and they still kick ass. We know a keyboardist but I think a third guitar would be more of a (fun) challenge, and more of an asset if we can get it to work.
harmonies, different parts. You could have one guy playing an acoustic guitar, one guy playing electric rhythm, and another to play leads.
It will either sound really good or like a mess. It will depend on how good you are at writing parts
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That would be pretty cool, what CowboyUp said. Maybe get a 'lead bass player' with a six stringed bass who knows scales, and chuck in a couple of bass solos XD
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OK, we've reached a decision. We're gonna add a 3rd guitarist. The main lineup will be as follows:
Guitar #1 - Distortion Lead
Guitar #2 - Distortion Rhythm
Guitar #3 - Clean Rhythm and some fills.
Then sometimes just the bass and/or one guitar will hold down the rhythm and two or three of us can trade off leads.
look at Zwan 3 guitars and awesome songs
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My doom metal band has three guitarists and what Ive done with the composition is Ive double a lot of the rhythm parts. Because the music is based on a very strong pulse, whether it be at 30 bpm in my case, or whatever it may be in your case. Basically I just used the extra guitar to add depth to the important parts of the song, that way the parts I wanted to be heard would still be prominent, but I could add a subtle melody in the background.
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