Here's how it works, you find someone, and you force yourself upon them, being kind, until they thank you. Keep following them doing good deeds until they thank you for one.

I followed this guy round for like 15 minutes in town, picking up things he dropped, talking to him about happy things, and he didnt say thank you until i opened a door for him.

*Disclaimer* danger of arrest for harrasment charges, people may think you're crazy as well.

Have fun!
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Listen to this man. His 2 ideas in five minutes have shat all over your serious ideas.
haha i think thats a nice idea in theory but i think it will end in tears cos not everyone is as nice as us i always go out of my way to help people, 9 times out of 10 i get a thank you. even better when you smile and someone smiles back though
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You see, thats the point, people dont want kindness, but damn it all if thats gonna stop you giving it to them! Go out and get those thank yous!
If somone did something like this to me I'd probably be pretty freaked out. When you said "Mugging with Kindness" I was expecting you to say at the end of the story you took his wallet.
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Just saying that if some random guy started following me around on the street for 15 minutes, I'd probably hit him after awhile.
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damn. i was thinking this would be like the thing in ricky bobby about the friendly coke dealer, exept it would be a friendly mugger.
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