I had to write a new version of a fairy tale in rhymes for school. I don't know why I had to do **** like that, I go to the 3rd grade of a higher technical school with 5 grades and I have to rhyme... wtf?!
But whatever, I just want to show you what forced lyric-writing looks like.
I chose snow white, and I helped myself with an online dictionary, rhymezone and wikipedia. xD

Quite a long time ago,
there was a kingdom with a lot of snow.
The queen was sewing at her palace,
when suddenly she saw people from Dallas.

She was shocked and pricked her vein,
her blood ran down to her cocaine.
She said, she wanted a daughter with ebony hair,
snow white skin, and a new chair.

A few years later a girl was hetched,
she was named Snow White and her mum had been scratched.
Later on the king married again,
as people say, his new wife was insane.

She thought her mirror was speaking to her,
but she only heard the wind in the big old fir.
Once the glass at the wall told her the truth,
that she was pretty, but out of her youth.

It said that Snow White was the only beauty,
as the Queen heard that she forgot all her duty.
She sent a hunter to kill the maid,
but he couldn’t start hunting because his gun was mislaid.

So the queen tried to kill her herself,
but she failed twice then and looked at her shelf.
She found a recipe for a poisened fruit,
she made it and added some pieces of root.

The queen gave the apple to the girl,
she ate the half and started to spirl.
Snow White crashed down, it seemed like she was dead,
so her friends, the dwarves, brought her to bed.

It was a coffin out of glass,
heavy as hell, with edges of brass.
Two days later Snow White awaked,
she tried to lift the cover, but soon needed a break.

The dwarves couldn’t help her anymore,
the bad wolf had been hungry and ate seven or more.
The prince, who should have shown up now,
was bored of this story and cared more for his cow.

And they all didn’t live happily ever after,
have a nice day or good night! - The drafter.

I am here for another hour, so if you want me to correct something before I have to give it away just tell me.

Oh, I should mention that I am not a native english speaker. ^^