Im 18
been playing guitar for 4 years
have own gear
half stack
have my own transportation
and i am dead serious about music
im into Thrash/Speed/heavy metal
Southern california Area,(southgate, downey, norwalk. whittier, HP around there)
contact me if interested
I also live in So Cal, but I am in Victorville. My band preforms Heavy metal/rock, and a little Acoustic. We are a bit younger, though. I could give you a sample, but I need something I can record it with(not a Microphone, just a computer program). If you know any good programs, let me know!
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If you know any good programs, let me know!


Free, easy to use, and it works great.
*EDIT* I've been messing with Audacity, and I'm liking it. I'll post our stuff ASAP.
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