Hey guys,

The other day I felt that the input jack on my C-1 was a little loose. To fix it I kept trying to twist it without looking, since I thought it was the nut on the jack rotating. However, it seemed that the entire thing was twisting.

Eventually I managed to get it back together, but when I took it apart I did notice there were two wires conencted to it. I could help but worry when I was twisting it around that I may have broke a wire. So I was wondering if anyone knew the wire setup, if twisting actually did hurt it, and possibly if it is indeed only supposed to have two wires.

I just get sound from my amp. The only think that is different is maybe its a little harder to hit pinch harmonics once in awhile (but that may be me).

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I think your ok, there is only 2 wires on it and if you don't notice anything more than that don't worry about it. Just don't do it again.
my input jack was loose too. my guitar was clipping in and out of my camp. i was practicing days before a gig and it was getting real loose and clipping a lot so i tightened it with pliers hoping it would fix the problem. apparently that wasn't a good idea cuz i no longer got any sound out of my amp. i took it to a guitar services place and they replaced the part for me the day of the gig. lol just thought i'd share that info with you. if it helps...then there ya go
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