I'm thinking of investing in a tube amp i own a marshall 30 dfx and am using a mt2 metal zone i want a more natural sound for playing obituary to slayer type stuff.
will a Laney LC15 wat be as loud as my marshall? i know it will sound a hell of a lot better but its half the wat.
is it worth me saving and getting a Laney LC30 II, or is laney not the right choice?
the 15 will be LOUDER than your Marshall, by alot.
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get the 30 more power to drive the tubes. however you might find it a little to clean.
some1 said that tube watts = 3x ss watts. so where an amp is 100w ss, a tube amp could be 30w cranked all the way, and would seem as loud as the 100w all the way. so yes, ur 15w tube will be much louder than a 30w ss amp.
If you are just playing at home and occasionally jamming with friends the 15 watt tube will be plenty, maybe too much for bedroom volume. For gigs you probably need the 30. Both are decent amps.
Go with an LC15R (same as the 15 but with reverb and an external speaker out so you can power any cab you want) and an OD pedal like a Digitech Bad Monkey.
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get the VC-15 - i had the LC15 and it was too harsh and brittle - went back to my valvetronix
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^ For Slayer?

sorry, i just skim read - thats a good point.

I doubt the LC15 could do slayer convincingly however. Although its expensive, a VC15 with a pedal would be better for it.

Perhaps try the peavey windsor studio? isnt it meant to sound like a JCM800? thats what kerry king uses isnt it?