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Pretty straight fowrard...
I like to play mostly rock and metal, if you have any other ideas for guitars in the same price range of these, I'd like it if you told me.

Here they are...



Thanks in advance!

Edit: since the ibanez and C-1 are the only two getting comments ill delete the others.
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id say either the Ibanez

or the schecter C-1 FR
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i promise you that if you find a ibanez sz 320 you will f*ckin love it! i have one and its my fav guitar i have 7 years experience. GET IT!
the schecter C-1 FR

the Ibanez is nice, but you'll want to change the pups and trem.
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the ibanez looks pretty damn nice
however, i'd resarch the tremelo that it has installed as some licensed floyds aren't that good but some of the ibanez ones are actually decent
find out which one is on it and research what it like

you definately don't want a rubbish floyd copy
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i like the Damien. looks cool and has HZ's. an sz woud be good, as it should have a ZR trem, one of the best new trems available. It may need a pickup change, but thats not much of a problem rly.
i have a schecter c-1 elite. oh man. i love that thing. i'm looking to save up for a PRS custom 24, but the schecter has a great feel to me. i play modern rock/alternative/nu metal/screamo/post-core/grunge...whatever you wanna call it if that helps. however, i did play a lower end schecter (my friend's) and it didn't feel the same. it was an omen by the way. try them both out and see which one you like more. i've never played an ibanez, but i know schecter makes great guitars. my other friend got me into schecters. he plays metal. kinda like killswitch engage style. good luck.
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ibanez, i don't understand what all the hype is with schecters, i really don't them.
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